Administrative Offices

President’s Office

Sarah R. Bolton, President of the College, 304 Memorial Building, 509-527-5132,

Joanie Lucarelli, Executive Assistant to the President, 300 Memorial Building, 509-527-5132,

Jeanine Gordon, Special Assistant to the President for Native American Outreach, 327 Memorial Building, 509-527-5253,

Maggie Eahart, Chief of Staff, 323 Memorial Building, 509-526-3031,

Academic Affairs

Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak, Provost and Dean of the Faculty (effective July 1, 2024), 308 Memorial Building, 509-527-5399

Helen K. Kim, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 312 Memorial Building, 509-527-5187,

Mary L. Raschko, Associate Dean for Faculty Development, 311 Memorial Building, 509-527-5210,

Richard Middleton-Kaplan, Director of Academic Support Services, Academic Resource Center, Olin Hall, 509-527-5767,

Kimberly C. Chandler, Director of Athletics, 217 Sherwood Center, 509-527-5288,

Noah S. Leavitt, Co-Director for the Career and Community Engagement Center for External Affairs and College Liaison for Community Affairs, 322 Memorial Building, 509-527-5935,

Kim Rolfe, Co-Director for the Career and Community Engagement Center for Internal Affairs, 221 Reid Campus Center, 509-526-3011,

Neal J. Christopherson, Director of Institutional Research, 135 Memorial Building, 509-527-5056,

Ping Fu, Director of Penrose Library, 214 Penrose Library, 509-527-5193,

Susan L. Holme, Senior Director of Off-Campus Studies and International Student and Scholar Services, 205 Memorial Building, 509-527-4992,

Grzegorz “Greg” Lecki, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, 207 Glover Alston Center, 509-527-5005,

Jonathan Barnett, Registrar, 212 Memorial Building, 509-527-5981,


Gina Zandy Ohnstad, Vice President for Communications, 201 Boyer House, 509-527-5739,

Andrea Volz, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Communications, 200A Boyer House, 509-527-5160,

Margie Reece, Director of Content, 202 Boyer House, 509-527-4917,

Heidi Pitts, Assistant Director of Digital Marketing and Media, 205 Boyer House, 509-527-5156,

Ryan Miller Barnes, Director of Creative Strategy and Operations, 203 Boyer House, 509-522-4412,

Admission and Financial Aid

Adam Miller, Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid, Penrose House 509-527-5778,

Joshua Farrell, Director of Analytics for Enrollment and Communications, Memorial Building 122, 509-526-3005,

Sandy Henry, Director of Financial Aid Services, Memorial Building 123, 509-527-5986,

Molly Weatherill-Tate, Director of Admission Operations, Penrose House, 509-527-5963,

Inclusive Excellence

John Johnson, Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, 302 Memorial Building, 509-527-4996,

Natasha Blake, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Inclusive Excellence, 300 Memorial Building, 509-527-4997,

Tebraie Banda-Johns, Director of the Glover Alston Intercultural Center, Glover Alston Intercultural Center, 509-527-5177,

Cassandre Beccai, Director of Equity and Compliance and Title IX Coordinator, 301 Memorial Building, 509-522-4314,

Adam Kirtley, Interfaith Chaplain, 230 Reid Campus Center, 509-522-4449,

Student Affairs

Kazi Joshua, Vice-President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, 325 Memorial Building, 509-527-3018,

Julia “Juli” Dunn, Senior Associate Dean of Students and Student Programs and Campus Center Director, 205 Reid Campus Center, 509-527-4403,

Bridget Jacobson, Director of Student Affairs Operations, 325 Memorial Building, 509-527-5158,

Andrew Johnson, Interim Director of Residence Life, 130 Memorial Building, 509-527-5297,

Helen Knudson, Administrative Assistant, 325 Memorial Building, 509-527-5972.

Laura Norris, Director of the Health Center, Welty Center, 11 Merriam, 509-527-5040,

Deanna Ortiz, Associate Dean of Health and Wellness and Director of the Counseling Center, 502 Boyer Avenue, 509-527-5195,

Greg Powell, Director of Security, 416 E. Main 509-527-5973,

Charlotte Scott, Care Coordinator, 325 Memorial Building, 509-527-5013,

Development and Alumni Relations

Steven J. Setchell, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, 226 Memorial Building, 509-527-5165

Marquita Drabek, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, 223 Memorial Building, 509-527-5967,

Scott C. Kleinheksel, Associate Vice President for Development, 227 Memorial Building, 509-527-5968

Sarah Hogan, Director of Major Gifts, 200 Memorial Building, 509-527-5771,

James J. Kennedy, Senior Director of Gift Planning, 216 Memorial Building, 509-527-5989,

Rebecca B. Kennedy, Director of Advancement Services, 100 Memorial Building, 509-522-4413,

Alison K. Wallisch, Director of Annual Giving, 364 Boyer Avenue, 509-527-4928,

Jennifer Northam, Director of Alumni Relations, 364 Boyer Avenue, 509-526-4794,

Rachna S. Sinnott, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations, 223 Memorial Building, 509-527-5990,

Amy Lenahan, Director of Donor Relations, 229 Memorial Building, 509-527-5134,

Information Technology Services

Dan Terrio, Chief Information Officer, 416 E. Main, 509-527-5415, 

Robert Fricke, Director, Client Services, 416 E. Main, 509-526-4980,

Kevin Kelly, Director, Technology Infrastructure, 416 E. Main, 509-527-4974,

Mike Osterman, Director, Enterprise Technology, 416 E. Main, 509-527-5419,

Dorcas Attah, Information Technology Security Officer, 416 E. Main, 509-527-5852,

David Sprunger, Director, Instructional and Learning Technology, 416 E. Main, 509-526-4762,

Finance and Administration

Jeff Hamrick, Vice President for Finance and Administration, 223 Memorial Building, 509-527-5993,

Darlene Wilson, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller, 223 Memorial Building, 509-527-4936,

Justin Rodegerdts, Director of Investments, 223 Memorial Building, 509-527-5045,

Telara McCullough, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, 104 Memorial Building, 509-527-5941,

Tony Ichsan, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Services, 804 Penrose Street, 509-527-5999,

Shannon Null, General Manager, Bon Appétit Food Service,