Chemistry 401: Chemistry Seminar I

Credits 1

This course will consist primarily of research presentations by scientists from colleges, universities, government labs, and industry. Presentations will span a range of areas of chemistry (organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, biological) and related disciplines (such as structural biology, materials science, and environmental science). Students will learn to engage with scientific literature by reading primary literature articles authored by the presenters, writing response papers, and participating in follow-up discussions with the seminar presenters. There will be periodic workshops on critical reading, critical writing, ethics and inequality in science, and other aspects of professional chemistry. Evaluation is based on attendance, response papers, and participation in the question-and-answer portion of the seminars and workshops. Runs concurrently as Chemistry 402. Enrollment is limited to juniors and seniors or sophomores who have declared a Chemistry or joint Chemistry major. May not be applied to the Chemistry minor.