Chinese 405: Advanced Chinese: Themes and Aspects of Chinese Culture

Credits 4

Chinese 405 is a theme-based advanced Chinese language course. Students explore aspects of Chinese culture and society along with language learning. The course advances students’ cultural and linguistic competence in Chinese through reading, translation/writing, and topic-related discussions informed by cultural comparisons. This course introduces the syntax of written Chinese in addition to a comprehensive review of grammatical structures used in conversational Chinese. Students will learn to articulate their cultural experiences and reflections in socio-linguistically appropriate forms in both formal and informal contexts, oral and written forms. Students may take the course twice for credit when topics change. Course taught in Chinese. 

Distribution Area
Students entering Fall 2024 or later: Global Cultures and Languages (GCL)
Students entering prior to Fall 2024: Cultural Pluralism (CP DIST)
Students entering prior to Fall 2024: Humanities (HU DIST)

Chinese 306; or consent of instructor.