Geology 125: Environmental Geology

Credits 3

Natural geologic processes including Holocene deglaciation, landslides, flooding, volcanism, and earthquakes pose risks both to human wellbeing and societal infrastructure. Human decisions for how we choose to interact with the physical environment and its resources (atmosphere, soils, energy sources, minerals) may further imperil societies or may inform global and regional mitigation of Anthropocene climate change, water quality and quantity problems, resource use, and land erosion and mass movement. This introductory course provides exploration and discussion of geologic processes within the paradigm of plate tectonics. Three lecture/discussion periods per week. Students who have received credit for Geology 110, 120, or 210 may not receive credit for Geology 125. Open to first- and second-year students; others by consent of instructor.

Distribution Area
Students entering Fall 2024 or later: Scientific Inquiry (SI)
Students entering Fall 2024 or later: Studying the Past (STP)
Students entering prior to Fall 2024: Lab Science (SCL DIST)
Students entering prior to Fall 2024: Science (SC DIST)