Combined Major

Mathematics-Physics Major

  • Required Mathematics Courses (25 Credits)
    • Mathematics 225, 240, and 244
    • Mathematics 367 or 368
    • Six additional credits in Mathematics courses at the 200-level or above
  • Required Physics Courses (24 Credits)
    • Physics 145, 155, or 347
    • Physics 156, 245, 255, and 267
    • Three additional courses chosen from:
      • Physics courses numbered between 300 and 480
      • The lecture/lab combination of BBMB 324 and 334
    • Selection must include at least two of the following: Physics 325, 339, 347, 357, and 385.
      • Physics 347 may not be used to satisfy multiple requirements.
  • Senior Requirements
    • Written exam in both Mathematics and Physics
    • Combined oral exam, scheduled by the Physics department
  • Honors
    • Students submit an “Honors in Major Study Application” to the department.
    • Students must submit a proposal for their thesis or project within the first six weeks of the two-semester period in which they are eligible.
    • Accumulated at least 87 credits
    • Completed two semesters of residency at Whitman
    • Major GPA of at least 3.500
    • Complete a written thesis or research project prepared exclusively for the satisfaction of this program.
    • Earn a grade of at least A- on the honors thesis or project and the honors thesis course.
    • Pass the senior assessment with distinction.
    • The department will submit the honors applications to the Registrar’s Office of students pursuing honors by the specified deadline.
    • The department will submit the “Senior Assessment/Major Study Certificate” to the Registrar’s Office no later than Reading Day.
    • An acceptable digital copy of the honors thesis must be submitted to Penrose Library no later than Reading Day.
  • Notes
    • If students place out of Physics 155, they must take Physics 347.
Total Credits