Bachelor of Arts

Mathematics-Statistics Combined Major

Total credit requirements for Mathematics-Statistics Combined Major

34-36 credits plus 19-24 credits outside of the dept (from the minor requirement and Computer Science course)

Required Computer Science Courses

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

A minor in any one of the following departments:

Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Economics, Sociology, Psychology

Sub-Total Credits


  • Students may satisfy the minor requirement by completing a second major in one of the listed departments in the minor requirement section
  • Students may not double major this degree with any of the following second majors: Mathematics, Economics-Mathematics, or Mathematics-Physics


  • Students do not apply for admission to candidacy for honors
  • Accumulated at least 87 credits
  • Completed two semesters of residency at Whitman.
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.300 on all credits earned at Whitman College
  • Major GPA of at least 3.500
  • Complete a written thesis or research project prepared exclusively for the satisfaction of this program
  • Earn a grade of at least A- on the honors thesis or project and the honors thesis course
  • Pass the senior assessment with distinction
  • Chair of the department will notify the Registrar of students attaining Honors no later than the beginning of week 12 of the semester.
  • An acceptable digital copy of the Honors Thesis must be submitted to Penrose Library no later than Reading Day
Total Credits