Music 371: Intermediate Music Technology

Credits 3

This course will continue the study of topics in music technology, with an emphasis on advanced exploration of recording and mixing techniques, synthesis, sampling, and new technologies in music.  Additionally, this course includes an introduction to audio and music perception and cognition as well as an introduction to programming in Max/MSP. Coursework is largely project based, with the opportunity for students to work in a sustained manner on their topics of interest.  The course includes further discussion of the intersection of music and technology, and how this intersection is reflected in the music we interact with on a daily basis.  Critical listening, as well as reading and writing, will be a component of the course.  May be taken as credit toward the Film & Media Studies major or minor. May be repeated once for credit.

Distribution Area
Students entering prior to Fall 2024: Fine Arts (FI DIST)

Music 271; or consent of instructor.