Named Scholarship Funds

Thanks to the generous support of Whitman alumni and friends, the college awards more than $40 million annually in scholarship assistance to its students. Scholarship funds are provided from both named endowments and annual contributions. Scholarship awards are based on financial need and/or merit. In the fall of each academic year, students are notified of the specific funds from which their scholarships are drawn. Named scholarship funds are listed below:


10th Reunion

25th Reunion

40th Reunion

50th Reunion

Terry Abeyta – Hispanic

Thomas R. Adkison

E. Alden

Judge David H. Allard

Mildred Ebrel Allison

Alumni Fund

Ames Family, Professor Todd and Professor Walters

William C. and Jessie Robbins Ammon

Alexander Jay Anderson

Charles E. and Margery B. Anderson

Gordon Shaw Anderson

Louisa Phelps Anderson

William and Jeanie Anderson

John Stirlen Applegate – Teaching

Sarah J. and Paul R. Auvill III

Frances Jane Ford Baggs – Montana

Peggy Glase Bagnall

William H. Bailey – Music

Baird Family

Baker Boyer Bank

Dorsey S. Baker

Frances Paine Ball – Art

George Hudson Ball

Nancy Cronon Ball

Robert S. Ball

Robert S. and Julia Sims Ball Family

Bassett-Traveling Fellowship

Dorothy Fiala Beaupré – Drama

David Beegle – Environmental Studies

Peter G. Behr

Lilith J. Bell and Nancy Bell Evans – Music

Henry Bendix – Music

Donald L. and Anne A. Bentley – Math

Sheila Berger-3/2 Engineering

Erma Jo and Wade Bergevin

Erik E. and Edith H. Bergstrom Foundation

William E. Berney – Drama

Beta Phi

Augusta W. Betz

Jacob Betz

Jacob Betz, Jr.

Agnes M. Bigelow

Russell A. Bigelow

Blackburn Sisters

Jay W. and Gladys Blair

Grant S. and Etta S. Bond

E. Herbert Botsford

Boyce Family – Premedical

Arthur Boyer

Stephen J. Boyles

Emma Jane Kirsch Brattain – Music

Robert Bratton – Olympia High School

Robert H. and Mary Reed Brome – Senior Women

Lorraine G. Bronson


James A. and Mary Ellen Gowing Broughton – Music

Brown and Coleman Family

John S. Browning, Sr.


Robert and Lynn Brunton Family

Andrew Mykle Budenz

Emory Bundy

Adam M. Burgener

Burgess Family – Minority Students

Robert B. Burgess

Thomas Burke

Burlington Northern

Paul D. and Nancy McKay Burton

Byerley International Students

J. Antonio “Tony” Cabasco

Barbara Hanley Campbell–Roosevelt High School

Richard L. and Alan K. Campbell

Dr. Thomas M. Campbell

Hugh S. Cannon Foundation

Cecil V. and Helen R. Carpenter

Bob Carson

Forrest C. and Willena Long Cation

Iva I. Cauvel – Women

Loretta M. Caven

Wayne Chastain

Cheuk-Alfieri Family

Joseph Chulick Jr. – Music

F. Lawrence Clare

Susan E. Clark

William S. and Ella S. Clark

Class of 1926

Class of 1930

Class of 1935

Class of 1945 War Years

Class of 1949

Class of 1951

Class of 1953 – Middle Income

Class of 1955

Class of 1958

Class of 1959 Centennial

Class of 1961

Class of 1962

Class of 1964 – Middle Income

Class of 1968

Class of 1969

Class of 1970 – Junior/Senior

Class of 1981

Class of 1983 – Study Abroad

Class of 1984 Memorial

Class of 1988 – Senior

Class of 1996

Richard H. Clem

Richard H. Clem and Arthur Metastasio

Clarence and Lois C. Cleman

Maurine Clow – Montana

John P. Clulow

Helen M. Cole and Marie DuBois

J.M. Coleman

John Cyril and Mary Alexander Coleman

Wayne A. and Eileen Cummins Collier

Comstock Scholars

Connell Family

Vern Conrad – Music

Cordes Family – Music

Jean Cordiner

Carland and Emma May Corkrum

Elmer G. and Ethel H. Cornwell

Pauline Corthell

Cottle Family

Steve S. Cover

Frederick R. Cowley

Susan Dee Cox

Peggy and Scotty Cummins

G. Dudley and Lois Dambacher

Damon Family – English/History

J. Leland Daniel

Janet Stratford and Elisabeth Davis

John M. Davis – Pre-Engineering

Christina M. and Peter A. Dawson Family

Ann Longton Day

David M. Deal

Susan Cook Delzell

Bill Deshler

Deshler Family

Kenneth A. and Elizabeth Dick Award – Idaho

Ethel Means Dickson

Daniel J. and Elizabeth Story Donno

Arthur F. Douglas

William O. Douglas – Valedictorian


Buddy Dublin

Frederick Dudgeon

Harold E. Dupar, Jr. – Foreign Students

Kim Dupuis

Earl Dusenbery

Jeanne Eagleson and John V. Gray

Edward Eben

Richard S.F. Eells

Thomas H. Elliott

Gary R. Esarey


Myrtle E. Falk

Edward L. Farnsworth – Wilbur, Washington Area

Barbara Sommer Feigin

Milton W. and Lucile E. Field – Teaching

John Freeman Fike – Bellevue High School

First Opportunity

John J. Fisher

Joshua Fishman

Floyd W. Fitzpatrick – Walla Walla Area

Fitzpatrick Family

Ben Flathers

Harold and Annaliese Fleharty

Forbes-Jacobs – History

Nancy Morrison Frasco

David W. Gaiser – Premedical

Thomas Val Gaisford, Jr. – Asian Studies

Newton and Kathryn Galley

Robert E. Gardner

Fay and Mary Garner

Kenneth E. and Vivian C. Garner

Paul Garrett

William H. Gates, Sr.

General Scholarship

Donna Gerstenberger

Ralph Gibbons

Gary and Cheryl Gibson

Michael and Susan Gillespie – Science/Premed

Lionel C. and Dorothy H. Gilmour

Alta I. Glenny

Gordon E. Glover

Dr. Harry B. and Gertrude Goodspeed

Roy Goodwin

Elmina E. Graham

Robert W. Graham

Robert W. and Margaret J. Graham

John Gravenslund

George H. Grebe – Portland

Paul R. Green

Dr. Albert Wright Greenwell – Premedical

William E. and Harriet A. Grimshaw – Medicine/Law

Leland B. Groezinger, Jr. – Economics

Mixail Petrovich Gromov – Foreign Language Students

John J. and Stella A. Gurian

LaVerne Mansfield Hagan, Paul Hagan and Dennis Mansfield Hagan

Edwin T. Hanford

Hansen Family

Julia Crawford Harris – Music

Haruda Science Scholars

Hasbrouck Family

Jeannette Hayner – First-year Female

Winston A. and Virginia M. Heacock

Hearst Foundation

Carroll and June Heath

Irma Grace Kester Henderson and Chester G. Henderson

Dale and Frances Henniger

Margaretta Herbert

Mary Olive Evans Higley

Mary Olive Evans Higley – Music

Ida Belle Martin Hoegh

Harold F. and Olga Johnson Holcombe

Thomas Howells

James Fee Huey

Richard and Dorothy Hundley – Music

Harrison Harden Hungate

Bradley J. Hunt – Merit

Hunt Peterson Family

Hunter International

Vie Illona Hopkins Husted – Music

Bonnie Jean Hyre – Music

Imani – Akili Dada/ Kenya

Harold and Gertrude Jackson – Study Abroad

Matthew James

Robert W. Jamison – Premedical

Richard and Alvia S. Jansen

Arthur Payne Jaycox

Sarah Delaney Jenkins

Barbara Sterne Jensen

Rhoda Daly Jensen

Deborah I. Johnson

Jeffrey L. Johnson

Robert L. Johnson and Linda D. Klein

Stuart and Joyce Johnston-Computer Science

Jean Jaycox Jones

Melinda S. Jones

Nettie Langdon Jones

Keane Family

Isabelle Welty Keith

Carleton H. and Carolyn M. Kelley

Beverly J. Kellogg

John G. Kelly

John G. and Martha M. Kelly

David D. and Maureen E. Kennedy

Mohammed Nasir Khan – International

Judd D. Kimball

Snyder and Ingrid King

Margaret Gentry Kirk

Mary Jane Kirk

Margaret Bradford Kittel – Art/History

Rodney Phelps Kittel – Music/Physics

Marion Klobucher – Teaching

Norman Klockman

Virginia Lee Knight

Ralph and Vivian Knudsen

Laura Rodgers Hook Kurtz

Amy Jane Reichert Ladley – Kappa Kappa Gamma

Gerald DeRoss Ladley – Sophomore

James Lamar

Lange Community College Spark

Henry G. Laun

Grace Lazerson

Cynthia Ann Lechner

Brandon Bruce Lee

Marion LeFevre – Foreign Language

Mary Emily Winters Legge

Memorial Scholarship

Miriam Edwards LeRoux – Music

Naila and Peter Lewis Family

Ferdinand Libenow – American Indian

Robert C. Lile

Iris Myers Little and Agnes Little

George Solomon and Thomas Livengood

Helen McAuslan Logan-Schneider

Fred P. and Miriam Lincoln Loomis


Harry C. Luft – Colville, Washington

Lynn B. Lunden

Tristram S. Lundquist

Anna Okada Burgess Maberry

Lenore and George MacClain

Bertha C. MacDougall – Voice

Loyd Mahan

Virginia Mahan

James and Frances Mahoney

Angeline M. Malloy – Music

William Mantz

H. Archie and Christina Marshall

Ann Inman Martin – Idaho

C.W. “Bill” Martin, Sr.

Suzanne L. Martin

Kyle Martz

Stephen H. Mathews

Nancy Ellis Mathiasen – Women

Chester C. Maxey – Beta Theta Pi

Gertrude Maxwell

Mary Elizabeth Cottrell May and Michael May

Ruth C. McBirney

F. James and Jayne S. McCarthy

Helen Lanier McCown and William Lanier McCown – Prelaw

Edna McEachern – Music

McFadden Family – Science/Math

McKay Clise Family

McMillan Family

McMurchie Family

Russell F. and Margaret Gibbs McNeill

McNellis Family

William and Loran Meidinger

Memorial Scholarship

Annie Carter and Albert Metcalf

NaShuntae Pleasant-Miles – Special Needs

Roland E. Miller – Music

Russell T. Miller

Sandra Miner, M.D.

W.L. and Dorothy Minnick

Frank G. and Sally Taylor Mitchell

Laura M. and Orla L. Moody

Robert L. and Elsie P. Moore

Deborah Grubb Moskovitz

Mother Earth

Joseph O. Mount

Moyer and Stockard Families

Kit Sheehan Muller

Mu Phi Epsilon

Kathleen M. Murray

L.T. Murray Foundation


Rick and Evelyn Neely

Charles and Patricia Nelson/Great-West Life – Colorado/Washington/Oregon

Carla and Dean Nichols – First Generation

Patricia and David Nierenberg

Nontraditional Student

Dr. Eugene and Barbara Nordstrom

Northrup Family

Edward R. and Dorothy J. O’Brien

William L. and Kathryn Williams O’Brien – Science and Economics

Odegard Family

Paul O’Reilly

Harold Ottesen

Frances Penrose Owen

Michael Stuart Owen

Edward A. Paddock

Roy Ross Painter

Paul Panagakis

Parents Fund

Parents Fund – Diversity

Ida S. Parkinson

Elizabeth Jones Parry – Music

B.F. Parsons

Mildred H. Patterson – Utah

Robert Patterson – Sociology

Sara Lloyd Pekarsky and Abraham L. Pekarsky

Sara Lloyd Pekarsky and Abraham L. Pekarsky – Jewish Students

Mary S. Penrose

J. Logan and Ivy Wadsworth Peringer

Joseph Hartshorn Perry

Howard S. Pfirman

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delta Theta – honoring Fred Wilson

Grace F. and Andrew J. Phillips – Olympia High School

Grace Farnsworth Phillips

Phillips, Wade, and Cronin

Harold Allen Piper

Jack Coleman Pitts and Dorothy De Simone Pitts – study abroad

Sarah Jane Polk

Wallace M. Pollard

Arthur G. Ponti

Estelle Powell

Helen Tower and Helen Torrey Pratt

Burrill L. Preston, Jr.

John P. Privat

Dr. William E. and Lorraine Purnell

Arthur L. Raaberg

Rachel Kester Rall – Female/Arts or Humanities

Emelia and Freeman Ramsey – Music

John T. Ramstedt

Yvonne Ravasse

Florence A. Rawson

Reader’s Digest Foundation

Homer Reed

Dana M. Reid

Jamie Soukup Reid and William Reid

Pete and Hedda Reid

Esther Bienfang Richardson and Rosella Woodward Richardson – Piano

Stephen L. Riddell

Mary Ann Moren Ringgold – Music

Victor and Nora Robart

Charles W. Rosenberry II and Lanora Welker Rosenberry

Rotary Club of Walla Walla

Edward E. Rubey

S.K. Running

Orrin Sage

Catherine, Matilda, and Elizabeth Sager

Bessie Sandon

Fredric F. Santler

Josephine and Arthur Sargent

Kenneth and Martha Philips Schilling – Vocal Music

Marie Schmidt

Carl J. and Sonia A. Schmitt

David and Alma Schoessler

Gordon and Virginia Scribner

Sigmund and Rose Schwabacher

John M. Scott

Gordon and Virginia Scribner

Security Pacific Bank

Senior Fund

Esther and Delbert Shannon – Yakima/Prosser

L. Shaw

Donald Sheehan

Harold L. and Helen M. Shepherd

Cameron and Marion Sherwood – Politics

Claire Sherwood – Women

Donald and Virginia K. Sherwood

Gene Kelly Sherwood

Anna Ennis and Walter Guest Shuham

Robert and Nadine Skotheim

Emma A. Smith

J. Malcolm “Mac” Smith – Political Science

Scott Bradford Smith – Study Abroad

Ralph Waldo and Aimee Snyder – Business

Marilyn Sparks – Theater

Eliza Hart Spaulding

Spokane Area Ashlock Scholarship

Jane C. Staats

Charles F. and Elizabeth Greenwell Stafford – Prelaw

Marjorie Haddon Stansfield

Evelyn Ayres Starr

Agnes C. Steere and David C. Campbell – Music

Barbara Holmes Stevens

David Stevens – Economics

Mary J. Stewart

Samuel and Althea Stroum

George II and Myrtle Bond Struthers

Elbridge and Mary Stuart

Richard K. Stuart

Joseph L. Stubblefield Trust

W. Price and Ruth S. Sullivan

Norm and Lynn Swick – Special Needs

Sumio and Mii Tai

Mary Eby Tate

Brooke Taylor

Edmund Taylor

Lucille M. Thomas

Frank and Lillian Thompson – Teaching

Robert S. Thorne Jr.

3-2 Engineering

Agnes Stephanson Tibbits – Women

Winton A. Ticknor

Timothy Tosswill

Ed and Rosa Viola Tucker

Sherrel Tucker

Dr. Robert C. Tugman

Robert C. Tugman

Guy M. Underwood

Nathaniel W. and Bessie O. Usher

Dean and Esther Vail

Catherine van Veen

Victor Family

William E. Wadsworth

Wallace Family

Marjorie E. Ward

James Prentice Warner and John Leigh

J. Walter and Katherine H. Weingart

J. Walter and Katherine H. Weingart Opportunity

Maurice and Gale Weir – Mathematics

Drs. Robert F. and Elizabeth M. Welty

Dr. Robert Welty and Eva Roberson

Mary F. and Sarah Wheeler

Velma Harris Whitlock

Whitman Alumni Association

Whitman Bridges

Whitman Opportunity

Robert L. Whitner – History

Whittaker Family

Eunice V. Wiemer

Jean D. Wilkinson – Minority Students

J. Joy Williams

June Wilson Williams

Robert Jack Williams – Music

A.D. Wilson


Ron Witten

Edna Mae and Clare Woodward

Brian Weston and Susan Reynolds Workman

George Woodward – Mathematics

Dexter K. Yamada – Chemistry

Richard C. and Mary Anne Shaffer Yancey

Robert and Jacqueline Young

Augusta Wilsen Betz and Katharina Betz Zimmerman

Carroll L. Zimmerman – Science

Bertha H. Zoellner