Nondegree-Seeking Students

Nondegree-seeking students are those who wish to take certain courses but not pursue a degree program. Some nondegree-seeking students (e.g., local high school students, students from the Washington State Penitentiary, etc.) have special processes for registering for courses at Whitman; these students are non tuition-paying students. Other nondegree-seeking students apply through the Office of Admission and pay full tuition for the coursework they pursue. These students register on a space-available basis and must secure written permission from the professor after the first day of the semester. If a nondegree-seeking student wishes at any time to become a regular student (i.e., pursue a degree program), they must file all application credentials for consideration by the Admission Committee (see also “Nondegree-seeking students” under Classification of Students, and under Tuition).