Performing Arts

Laura Hope, Director of Theater & Department Chair

Students planning a career in the performing arts will find that the program at Whitman College can provide them with a solid core of skills and knowledge as well as many opportunities to explore new facets of themselves and the art form. Our students gain skills that will prepare them for further study in graduate schools, professional training programs, and internships at major regional theaters and other arts organizations.  We strive to instill in our students a sense that the performing arts take place in the larger context of the world and tie into the overall liberal arts education provided at Whitman College.

Our program provides the following to our students:

  • Rigorous training in a variety of performance, design, and technical disciplines.


  • Hands-on opportunities in many areas to participate in performances during the course of our season at the Harper Joy Theater as well as access to resources to work on your own independent projects.
  • Work study and paid employment in our shops and box office.
  • A focus on Theater and Dance as collaborative art forms which respects the work put forth by everyone involved in the production process.