Reciprocal Program

Advisor: Pam Fowler, Transfer Credit Evaluator

The Reciprocal Program is a cooperative program between Whitman College and Walla Walla University permitting students from both institutions to enroll in one course per term at the other institution without paying any of the general fees such as tuition, student association fees, registration fees, or health insurance fees. Charges associated with specific courses (e.g., applied music, physical education, science labs, etc.) must be paid by the guest student at the institution in which such courses are taken.

A Whitman student seeking to enroll in a course not offered at Whitman College, or for which registration has been made impossible through circumstances which could not be prevented, should contact the Registrar’s Office to request to participate in this program. The Registrar’s Office will communicate with Walla Walla University to request permission for enrollment.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow the appropriate procedure to transfer credit from a Walla Walla University reciprocal course back to Whitman College.