Combined Major

Religion+French Major

  • Complete all of the requirements for a Religion major (36 credits).
  • A total of 24 additional credits in French and Francophone Studies, comprised as follows:
    • At least 16 credits taught in French at the 200-level or above, or equivalent
    • French language courses numbered below 200 do not count toward the major.
    • Up to 12 credits may be comprised of any combination of the following:
      • Up to 8 credits from approved courses taught in English
      • Up to 8 credits transferred from off-campus studies or another institution
      • Up to 4 credits “double-dipped” with approved courses counted toward another major or minor
      • Up to 4 AP or IB credits
  • Attainment of the level of B2 or Advanced Low on a recognized language proficiency assessment (DELF, ACTFL, etc.)
  • Two or more of the following integrative components with the primary major:
    • A thesis topic that explicitly incorporates a significant portion of French/Francophone content, broadly understood (textual, geographic, theoretical, historical, etc.)
    • A grade of B or higher in a Religion course taught in French (normally only an option through off-campus studies)
    • A course in Religion that has been approved as a “double dip” (see note)
    • An internship related to Religion, conducted in French
    • An oral presentation of the senior project (or equivalent) in French, open to the public
    • Portfolio + reflective essay in French
  • Complete the senior self-evaluation survey about the student’s combined major experience.
  • Honors
    • Determined according to the criteria for the Religion major
  • Notes
    • Certain majors may allow for a “double dip,” such as:
      • An approved course taught in English that counts toward both the major requirements and the French requirements
      • A course completed in French off-campus that counts toward both the major requirements and the French requirements
    • Within the 8-credit transfer limitation, any university-level courses taught entirely in French may count toward the French requirements, regardless of topic.
    • Religion+French candidates have a major advisor in Religion, and a second advisor from French and Francophone Studies who works with them to define and assess the integrative component. Students should approach a French advisor as soon as possible after declaring their primary major.
Total Credits