Repeating Courses

Should a student wish to repeat a course taken at Whitman for which they received a passing grade that has not been approved for multiple enrollments because of changing subject matter, they should request consent from the instructor of record for the term in which the student will re-enroll and their advisor. If they receive consent and sign up for, and complete, the course, the repeat course credits, grade, and GPA will be applied towards the graduation requirements. Meaning the credits, grades, and GPA from the earlier course will be excluded. During their studies at Whitman, a student can repeat up to three separate non-repeatable courses. However, they can repeat a particular non-repeatable course only once. However, if a student successfully repeats a previously failed course, the grade and credit for both the failed and completed courses are included in the calculation of the semester, cumulative, and major grade-point averages.

In the event a student wishes to take the Whitman course for which they have received transfer or AP, IB, GCE (Cambridge) A-Level exam credit, they will need advisor and instructor approval. The Whitman grade will be included in the GPA calculation but the course will not add additional credits towards graduation. Transfer courses, which are taken after a student attempts the course at Whitman, are not subject to this policy and will not be transferred back to Whitman College.