Sorority and Fraternity Life

Whitman’s fraternities and sororities provide their members with a strong sense of community, belonging, friendship and inclusion. Within each Greek organization, members find academic assistance, personal support, leadership, community service, alumni connections, and social opportunities.

All eight Greek organizations at Whitman have well-established scholarship programs, incorporating one-on-one tutoring, study tables, seminars, and connections with faculty. Whitman’s sororities and fraternities are actively involved in local and national community service efforts, supporting such organizations as the SOS Clinic, the STAR Project decreasing recidivism in the correctional system, Humane Society, Service for Sight, Children’s Home Society, and Court Appointed Special Advocates. As each self-governed sorority or fraternity makes decisions, ranging from creating budgets to implementing social policies. Sorority & Fraternity Life is an excellent vehicle for learning how to be the best version of yourself.

The four national sororities reside in Prentiss Hall, where each group maintains its own section, complete with a chapter room and a lounge. Each of the four fraternities has a house on the edge of campus, where members reside and dine together. On average, 15% of students are involved.