Special Scholarship Programs

Whitman Achievement Scholarships are merit-based scholarships awarded to entering students who have achieved high academic excellence in their college preparatory work. These awards for the current year range from $10,000 to $25,000 annually and are renewable for four years. Students who receive need-based financial aid will be awarded the Whitman Achievement Scholarship as part of their need-based financial aid package. Those students who do not demonstrate need will receive the Whitman Achievement Scholarship and any other merit-based scholarships for which they qualify. All applicants for admission are considered for the scholarship. The award is primarily based upon a calculation of weighted grade-point average. Test scores (if submitted) can increase the scholarship amount.

Talent Scholarships are awarded to a select group of entering students in recognition of exceptional musical talent and achievement. The general purpose of this scholarship program is to recognize students who will contribute to the excellence of the Whitman community. These awards for the current years range up to $10,000 annually and are renewable for four years.

Garrett Sherwood Scholarships are awarded by Whitman to exceptional applicants who exhibit outstanding academic achievement, leadership and contributions to their schools and communities. While at Whitman, Garrett Sherwood scholars meet regularly on campus throughout the school year for socials, networking receptions, roundtable discussions, national grant and fellowship information sessions, and other events. In addition, over spring break of junior year, Garrett Sherwood scholars travel to New York City for a career exploration and networking trip. There, they have a chance to meet local alumni who are leaders in finance, business, media, culture and government and can assist the Scholars in making contacts in their potential career fields. Garret Sherwood scholars are also invited to campus to visit at Whitman’s expense during the weekend of Spring Into Whitman Day.

National Merit Scholarships are awarded to selected National Merit finalists with Whitman as the sponsoring organization. Students will receive an additional $2,000 in National Merit Scholarship.